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Invited Speakers

Shlomi Dolev, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Authenticating vehicles on the fly

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Shlomi Dolev is Rita Altura Professor of computer science, Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He is the chairman of the Israeli interuniversity computation center. The research interests of Shlomi Dolev are concentrated on distributed systems, self-stabilisation and security.
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Stefano Paraboschi initial research interests were oriented to database and Web technologies. He then focused his activity on the investigation of security solutions, developing approaches for access control of XML resources and Web services, reputation management in P2P networks, secure data outsourcing, and data management in cloud architectures. He recently obtained a Google Research Award to work on Android security.

Moti Yung, Google and Columbia University, USA
Kleptography: Old Warnings, new Threats!

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Dr. Moti Yung is a Research Scientist with Google Inc. and an Adjunct Senior Research Faculty at the Computer Science Department, Columbia University. Before that he was a member of IBM Research and a consultant to leading companies and governments, including RSA Laboratories. His main research interests are in the areas of Security, Cryptography and Privacy, as well as in Distributed Computing Algorithms, and related areas in Computer Science. In the last 30 years, to his delight, he was able to work on, both, central issues in the scientific foundations and theory, as well as on applications, and has published over 400 works. In the last 25 years, (also to the delight of his industrial employers), he has been working on designing crucial commercial solutions and actual real world systems. In 2010 Moti delivered the annual IACR's Distinguished Lecture in Cryptography, and he is a fellow of the ACM and a fellow of IACR.