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Instructions for Authors

1. upload the LNCS copyright
2. upload the final version of the paper
3. upload abstract for the web page
  • The corresponding authors obtain the reviews by email.
  • The authors may implement the changes suggested in the reports, but the final decision belongs to the authors.
  • If the paper is assigned a shepherd, then the final version must be approved by the shepherd before the deadline for uploading the camera ready version.
  • The copyright has to be signed by the authors (or at least the corresponding author) and uploaded using your EasyChair author account. You can scan the form into PDF file. If you cannot scan the signed form please fax it to the fax number +4871 3202109 instead.
  • Please use the current version of the copyright. Use
    • a partially filled copyright form, or
    • the original form and enter: Computer Security - ESORICS 2014 - 19th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (title of the book), Miroslaw Kutylowski, Jaideep Vaidya (editors).
  • Note that only authors employed by the EU as an institution tick the box I'm an employee of the EU or Euratom and copyright on the Contribution belongs to EU or Euratom
  • Note that according to the copyright the authors retain certain rights to publish and use their work. For details see the copyright form.
  • The files have to be uploaded using your EasyChair author account.
  • Generally the page limit is 18 pages.
    • If you cannot fit into this limit please contact kamil.kluczniak at
    • Please do not adjust the font size or the page layout in order to reduce the number of pages -- they will be converted to the standard values anyway.
  • Please follow strictly the author instructions of Springer-Verlag when preparing the final version. You may check them here.
  • Whenever possible, use only standard packages. All nonstandard packages must be included in the zipfile.
  • The uploaded files consist of
    (a) either a zipped file containing all your LaTeX sources or a Word file in the RTF format, and
    (b) PDF version of your camera-ready paper.
  • The publisher has introduced an extra control loop: once data processing is finished, they will contact all corresponding authors and ask them to check their papers.
  • All files are to be uploaded until June 25.
  • Due to the tight time schedule we cannot guarantee including the paper in the proceedings in case of a late submission, a wrong format or violation of the page limit.
  • in order to disseminate your results and attract the people to your talk, we shall attach the abstract of your paper to the list of accepted papers.
  • please upload the the abstract as text file using your EasyChair author account, preferably until June 25.