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Travel & Accomodation

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  • Poland is a Schengen country. General informations concerning requirements to entry Poland are available on the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • For visitors from many countries, no visa is required (see here).
    • If you need a visa, please refer to the official informations on the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • For getting a visa, it might be helpful to get an invitation from ESORICS. In this case please fill in the appropriate fields on the registration form.
  • Please note that all visitors are obliged to hold a valid travel document. (For EU countries an official ID card from the state of residence is enough.)

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  • Please make sure that you have a valid health insurance for the visit in Wroclaw.
  • In a case of emergency please contact the organizers immediately.
  • There are health care services in Wroclaw were you can communicate in English.
    • call an ambulance via phone 112 or 999
    • register to Regional Specialist Hospital (in Polish: Wojewodzki Szpital Specjalistyczny), Kamienskiego 73a Street, phone: +48 71 32 70 100, ask for Hospital Emergency Ward (in Polish: SOR)
    • visiting a doctor: Dolmed Clinic, street: Legnicka 40, phone: (+48) 71 77 11 777 English speaking doctors: Joanna Aramowicz, Piotr Polkowski, cost of a visit is about 80 PLN.
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Each participant should arrange her/his own hotel reservation.

  • To help making decision regarding accommodation we have prepared a map including a few significant spots, hotels and hostels: overview map
  • Typically, accommodation places require either at least 10 minutes walk or using public transportation.
  • Most places are located in the Old Town or close to it. Please check public transportation to the venue (stop: Plac Grunwaldzki) with the service JakDojade before you book your accommodation.
  • You may consider to stay longer in Wroclaw due to Wratislavia Cantans music festival and/or 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship and/or ALGO 2014 conference almost next door.
  • Please note that hotels may fill up quicker than usual. Book early.


  • We recommend to use online booking systems and compare the offers (e.g. you can use Hotels combined service).
  • A list of hotels from the city tourist office is here.
  • Some hotels frequently chosen by our visitors:
    • RadissonBlu *****, Purkyniego 10, 50-156 Wrocław
      10 minutes nice walk along the river or 3 tram stops to the venue
    • GRAPE *****, ul. Parkowa 8, 51-616 Wrocław
      10 minutes nice walk to the venue
    • Art Hotel ****, Kie≥basnicza 20, 50-110 Wrocław
      in the Old Town, less convenient connection to the venue
    • John Paul II Hotel ****, Sw. Idziego 2, 50-328 Wrocław
      owned by the Catholic Church. Apart from that it is a perfectly normal hotel.
    • Hotel Mercure ****, pl. DominikaÒski 1, 50-159 Wrocław
      close to the Old Town with a very convenient tram connection to the venue
    • Hotel Park Plaza ****, ul. Drobnera 11-13, 50-257 Wrocław
      bus C to the venue, close to the Old Town (but on the opposite side of the river)
    • Scandic ****, ul. Pi≥sudskiego 49/57, 50-032 Wrocław
      with tram line 0 directly to the venue
    • Hotel Wroclaw ***+, Powstancow Slaskich 7 53-332 Wrocław
      5 minutes walk or 1 tram stop to tram line 0, with tram 0 directly to the venue
    • Tumski Hotel ***, Wyspa Słodowa 10, 50-266 Wrocław
      on one of the islands of the Ostrow Tumski (the oldest part of Wrocław).
    • Wodnik ***, ul. Na Grobli 28, 50-421 Wrocław
      on the other side of the river, you have to use the cableway Polinka to reach the venue
    • Ibis Budget Wroclaw Stadion ***, ul.Lotnicza 151, 54-132 Wrocław
      convenient if you drive to Wroclaw (close to exit Stadion from A8, a direct tram connection to the venue)
Budget accommodation:
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  • route map of the Wroclaw airport
  • Wroclaw airport has regular connections to the following major airports: Warsaw, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, Brussels, Paris, Milan. These connections are operated by LOT, Lufthansa, Eurolot and SAS.
  • There are also many low cost connections within Europe offered by Wizzair and Ryan Air. You must be aware of contract conditions -- many restrictions apply to the luggage, in case of a no show-up you may simply loose your ticket, etc. ... You have to be sure about the departure airport (which is frequently might be far away from the main airport of the same city.) The arrival airport is the regular airport in Wroclaw.
  • You may seek a connection to other airports like Berlin or Prague and continue by bus or train, but this might be inconvenient. The best choice is Berlin thanks to the bus lines (e.g. Polski Bus that may take you from the Schönefeld airport in Berlin directly to Wroclaw).
  • Bus might be a budget alternative from some places like Berlin, Prague, Warsaw. The most frequent connections are offered by Polski Bus.
  • For train connections see the server of the Polish railway. For a long distance travel in Europe this might be a relatively expensive and long travel.
  • There are good road connections from Berlin and Dresden. The venue is in the city center, the choice of the motorway exit depends very much on the hotel location.
  • Orientation in Wroclaw might be difficult. It might be a good decision to choose a hotel with a parking and a good connection with the public transportation to the venue.
  • Finding parking close to venue is hard, so please contact contact Wojciech Wodo (wojciech dot wodo at, if you wish to drive there. We shall look for a place for your car at the University.
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The airport is 15 km from the conference venue, on the other side of the city.

Public transportation

  • There is a public bus to the city center: line number 406 (during the day) and line number 249 (during the night). The fare is 3 PLN (3.2PLN during the night) for a single ride. The tickets can be bought on board from a vending machine. A pay-pass ATM card can be used for the payment. You may also try to buy tickets at a news agent in the terminal.
  • You may also buy a day ticket, especially if you have to transfer in the city.
  • For finding the routes and connections of the public transportation you may use the service JakDojade . The venue location is Plac Grunwaldzki.


  • Taxi fare from airport to city center should cost from 40 to 60 PLN. Be prepared to pay it in the Polish currency.
  • The taxi waiting in front of the terminal are generally more expensive. We recommend to call for taxi earlier and ask for an English speaking driver instead of approaching the first free taxi.
  • There are some taxi companies, where they should speak English. Some addresses that we have found:
    • Radio Taxi Express, +48 71 373-40-39
    • Wicar Taxi, +48 71 342 07 77
    • Radio Taxi Serc, +48 71 363 37 37
    • ZTP +48 71 196 22

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  • The main railway station (Wroclaw Glowny) is located in the city center. The bus terminal is behind the railway station. There is a tram line number 0 (zero) going from the railway station to the venue. A few hotels are located very close to the railway station.
  • The public transportation is provided by the MPK company.
    • The ticket can be bought on board from a vending machine with a credit card or a bank card. Also the tickets are available from some news agent shops (in Polish ask for bilet MPK).
    • you can either choose for single trip (3PLN, 3.2PLN for the night lines, 1.5PLN for piece of luggage) or just buy a 24hours ticket (11PLN), 48hours ticket (20PLN), 72 hours ticket (26PLN) or 168hours ticket (46PLN). Please punch the ticket when you enter the car (for *hours ticket do it once, when you start the first trip).
  • Please check the service JakDojade to learn how to reach your hotel with public transportation.

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  • Language: The language spoken is Polish, it belongs to the family of West Slavic languages. Latin alphabet is used. English is the most popular foreign language, however you may encounter communication problems (especially when communicating with older people). German, Russian, French may help sometimes.
  • Currency: Currency of Poland is Polish zloty (in Polish: z≥oty polski), only some big stores accept payment in EURO. Please take a look at the coins and banknotes .
    The exchange rate is (very roughly) 1EUR=4PLN, 1USD=3PLN, 1RMB=0.5PLN.
    You can exchange your currency already at the Wroclaw airport or in one of the currency exchange offices in the city. There is also 24h open one at Bema Square 5. Here is currency exchange office list. In quite many shops, restaurants you can pay with a credit card or with a debit card of your bank (please check the conditions of your bank!). Be prepared that the taxi accepts only Polish cash.
  • Shops: If you do shopping remember that prices on the labels are fixed, in Poland there is no custom of price negotiations except for special situations. The average price level is about 0.6 of the EU average, perhaps the lowest in the whole Europe. However, be careful: the low average does not exclude that some goods might be expensive. Tourist locations (the Market Place -Rynek) might be more expensive - especially the restaurants and bars. The closest shopping centers are Pasaz Grunwaldzki (almost the venue) and Galeria Dominikanska (3 tram stops towards the city center).
  • Phone calls: If you consider using phone calls in Poland we recommend to buy pre-paid card (e.g. Plus, Orange, T-mobile, Play, etc.) - especially if you are from outside EU and the roaming cost might be heavy. However, first make sure your mobile is compatible with frequencies used in EU. You can buy a pre-paid cards from a news agent or in shops of telecommunication companies.
  • WiFi: There is free WiFi access (PWRWIFI) and EduROM network at the campus of Wroclaw University of Technology and free public hot spots in the city (so called Miejski Internet).
  • Electricity: Our AC voltage is 230V, make sure your devices are compatible with this and match to the Polish sockets, otherwise you have to bring adapter. The plugs and sockets standard is Type E (primarily used in France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic), it is compatible with Type C. For details please check here.
  • Free time: After the sessions you may attempt to take a rest enjoying e.g. a cruise along Odra river or Melex tour (small electric car) around the city center, you can visit zoo as well and do not forget to taste beer from our local brewery Spiz located on the Market Square (Rynek). Or just take a walk through the old city... For more information see the tourist information office.
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